Does your business get attention as deserved?


In KONTEKST we produce content and communications solutions. We have been on all sides of the table and know what it takes - in the executive room, with your stakeholders, in the media. Our solutions are based on solid experience, our ideas are fresh and sharp.

Looking on your business - and your particular context - we will find the right stories that leave a mark and bring you the attention you deserve.

We work with colleagues in Denmark, the Nordic region and Europe - including as a Danish partner for Spoon, the Nordic region's largest content marketing agency. Our network is strong on all shores - maybe it can also be yours.


Our experience takes in many industries and focus areas, but these areas are our special focal points.



The importance of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals will grow significantly in the coming years – not just politically, but also in media and commercial contexts. They can offer great business potential for those companies that relate to them proactively and visibly. 



The importance of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals will grow significantly in the coming years – not just politically, but also in media and commercial contexts. For those companies that relate to them proactively and visibly, they can offer great business potential.



Digitised technological development is a far-reaching and amazingly exciting world, and one in which we have worked for many years. Our experience means we have detailed knowledge of the challenges and opportunities – seen from both the inside and outside.


Content Marketing

Let us find and tell the good stories that come from your company. We’re just as happy to talk about content branding as we are about content marketing. We can help you send your customers on their way with the  sales funnel – and with branding, visibility and support for the company's corporate brand in general.



Many good stories and important cases can be found in Denmark’s cultural and member associations. But those who succeed in winning over their members and the populations hearts - and in getting politicians' attention - are the organisations that manage to draw attention to themselves.



Denmark is a major food producer with enormous potential in the future. But there is a hard fight for attention between stakeholders in the area, and a sharp tone in the discussion about sustainability and health. Clear messages are a precondition for succeeding.

How do we move from your business strategy to a plan for how communication can support it? That’s one of my key competences.

Marie-Louise Arnfast, Partner

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Communication must have a clear objective that makes it all worthwhile. That is the simple starting point when I help develop strategies, messages and tactics that help your business make progress.

Michael Kirkeby, Partner

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A powerful narrative is what makes your business or organization stand out. I would love to create it with you – especially if you are in the food business. Because I am passionate about food and words.

Nana Balle, associated partner

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We solve tasks for global brands in Denmark and local companies and organisations with ambition and vision.


Together, the Kontekst Kommunikation’s partners have extensive experience of communication at their disposal – for a wide range of businesses and organisations. We have worked with both very large and smaller international and Danish companies targeting both b2b and b2c. Here is a selection of present and past clients we have worked for over the years: 

  • Alinea

  • Animal Planet

  • Axis

  • Centralvaskeriet Løgumkloster

  • CHEP

  • Copydan VerdensTV

  • Danish Food Cluster

  • De gule sider

  • Discovery Channel

  • Easy Park

  • GE Healthcare

  • House of Energy

  • Hydrogen Valley

  • IBM

  • Intel

  • Kodak

  • Konica Minolta

  • Liv&Død

  • Lundbeck

  • Mondo

  • Mærsk Data

  • Maersk Line

  • The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark

  • Movia

  • Nets

  • Nimble Storage

  • Niras

  • NordDanmarks EU-kontor

  • PayPal

  • Profil Optik

  • RIM

  • Stibo

  • Symantec

  • Teller

  • The Transport Committee

  • The Danish Technological Institute

  • Verizon

  • Xerox

  • The Ministry of Education

  • Aalborg University


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We have offices in both Aarhus and Copenhagen and we’re always happy to visit you for a no-obligation talk about how communication can increase potential in your particular context.

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